Does bkr sell caps, glass or sleeves separately?

When you buy a bkr it comes fully assembled with a cap, sleeve and glass.  We do sell extra caps and glass in the accessories page of the bkr shop (sleeves are not sold separately).  

Will Bkr fit in my cupholder?

The Original 500 ML bkr fits most cupholders. It also fits perfectly in your bag, on your desk, and into your everyday routine. The Big 1L bkr will not fit in your cupholder, but may still fit in your cute tote. The Teeny 250 ML fits almost anywhere and most certainly in all cupholders - it's teeny.

Is BKR Recyclable

Yes, bkr is 100% recyclable. If you need any assistance with recycling any of the parts, please contact us at admin@mybkr.co.uk.

caring for bkr
how do I clean and store my bkr?

Dishwasher: You can clean your bkr by running it through the dishwasher top rack.  The sleeve is dishwasher safe and does not need to be removed, but it's easy to slip on and off if you want to.

By hand: if you're cleaning your bkr by hand, we recommend using hot soapy water and a bottle brush - especialy if you are drinking more than plain water.  If you'd like to speed up the drying process, roll up a piece of paper towel so it's thin enough to get in the opening of the bottle, but wide enough to stay put.  Put the roll 3/4 the way down the bottle (with the top of the roll out the top of the bottle, like a wick) and leave it overnight.  

We recomend storing your bkr with the cap off.  

is my bkr BREAKABLE?

Your bkr bottle is made of soda-lime glass - it's durable and protected by a soft silicone sleeve, but it is still glass - so treat it carefully as you would your cell phone or any other thing you love.  Don't freeze it or leave it in your car in the freezing cold - it will break.   

does the sleeve come on and off easily?

Yes.  It's super easy to take the sleeve off and to put it back on.  Our founder Tal made a quick video demonstrating how - click here.  

can i put my bkr in the freezer? microwave?

Please avoid freezing, using in the microwave, or exposing to sudden temperature changes - but feel free to take it to Bikram!  If you freeze your bkr or leave it in your car in freezing temperatures, the water will expand and the glass will break.  It will break your heart.  Trust us on this.  

will regular ice cubes and bottle brushes fit in my bkr?

No, but don't worry, you can find the perfect ice cube trays in our accessories shop.  Bkr's opening is purposefully designed to be small.  It's one of the things that will make you love it.  

can i put hot liquids in my bkr?

bkr isn't intended for boiling hot liquid (or for freezing) and we don't recommend putting hot liquid in unless the glass itself is already warm.  The glass is not tempered so you'll want to avoid rapid temperature changes which could cause your bkr to crack.  Treat bkr as you would a regular basis, and it will love you back. 

what countries do you ship to?

We ship to the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

what are the shipping options?

Delivery is FREE for ALL orders within the United Kingdom, and you can usually expect orders to arrive within 7 business days. Unfortunately, we are unable to sell products to customers residing outside of the United Kingdom and the ROI.

I need to make a change to my order - what do I do?

Contact admin@mybkr.co.uk as soon as possible and we will work with you to help you.  

when will i get my order?

Delivery is FREE for ALL orders within the United Kingdom, and you can usually expect orders to arrive within 7 business days. Orders over £50 require a signature upon delivery.

can i change the shipping address?

If you need to change your shipping address, please write to us at admin@mybkr.co.uk and if your order has not already shipped, we can work with you to change the address.

Uh-oh. what's bkr's return policy?

We hope that you love your bkr as much as we love it. But we want you to be happy. Our return policy applies only if you bought the bkr bottle here. If you bought your bkr at a retail store and would like to return or exchange it, please contact the store directly. If you bought your bkr here and for some reason you are not totally happy with it, you can return it *in unused and new condition* within 14 days of the purchase date for a refund. We do not credit or refund shipping charges. We recommend using a traceable carrier (Royal Mail), insured for the full value of the return merchandise. We are not responsible for return packages lost en route. bkr does not process exchanges on gift orders. Any credit for items returned from a gift order will be issued to the original purchaser. If you need to return your bkr, please email us at admin@mybkr.co.uk

oops. what happens if I break my bkr?

We know bkr is one little glass bottle you'll treat carefully. If it breaks within the first 90 days of purchase: email admin@mybkr.co.uk a photo of your broken bkr, the original receipt from an authorised bkr retailer and a note describing in 250 words or less why you love it, how it broke, and why you want another one and we'll replace the part that broke. You pay the shipping and handling, we pay for the replacement. Limited to one bkr per customer. Alteration, misuse or abuse void this policy.